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Environmental Compliance Resource Management Planning Arroyo Seco Master Plan: Pasadena, California

Sapphos Environmental, Inc. prepared an Environmental Impact Report, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), for the Arroyo Seco Master Plan Project in the City of Pasadena. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. worked with the project landscape architects to define the land uses and proposed project for the approximately 1,000 acres located in Hahamongna Watershed Park, the Central Arroyo Seco, and the Lower Arroyo Seco, and ensured conformance with the Rose Bowl Operating Company Use Plan and the Design Guidelines.

The Master Plan serves as the City’s guiding document supporting Policy 9.2 of the City of Pasadena’s Comprehensive General Plan to provide facilities and programs for passive and active recreation that meet the diverse needs of the City of Pasadena residents and visitors. The City of Pasadena identified 17 objectives to support the Master Plan goals. The various elements of the project include more than 100 components that will provide for passive and active recreational opportunities, including development of additional multi-use play fields, trail development and improvements, habitat restoration opportunities, additional access and parking opportunities, roadway improvements, water conservation and flood management opportunities, and facilities restoration opportunities.

Due to the diverse interests in the community, there were many conflicting views regarding the optimal mix of recreation uses to be accommodated by the Arroyo Seco. The City of Pasadena received more than 1,000 comment letters and public hearing comments in opposition during public review of the Master Plan. The firm assisted the City in formulating an alternative that served as a platform for building consensus among diverse community groups and special interests. The alternative was recommended by the Planning Commission and adopted by the City Council. Many of the Master Plan improvements have been completed, including acquisition of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California property and trail improvements, as well as the Flint Wash bridge replacement.