"No One is Free Until We Are All Free."

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Although the core mission of Sapphos Environmental, Inc. is related to environmental compliance, such a mission is immaterial in a world where social equity does not exist. Like many others, we are fully invested in the prosperity and good health of our community; both of which cannot be wholly achieved without rising up against systemic inequality. As a part of the greater Los Angeles community, it is our duty to stand up for those who have been marginalized and use our platform to help amplify their voices. Sapphos Environmental, Inc. fully supports the uniquely American privilege to engage in peaceful protest and is committed to advocacy for equality in all aspects of our work and communal service. We stand with black and other minority and underrepresented communities and individuals across the nation in strength and solidarity. Please join us as we continue to listen, learn, and support calls to action by following:










Sapphos Environmental, Inc. resolves planning, resource management, and environmental compliance issues through the development of pragmatic solutions and exemplary client service.

Environmental Compliance


The firm works with clients from the inception to the completion of their project and provides guidance through the intricate process of complying with federal and state environmental regulations.

Resource Management

The firm balances client objectives with the conservation of natural resources by addressing habitat delineation and restoration, special status species, resource management plans, and archaeological and historic resources.


The firm merges creative solutions with sound implementation principles to design balanced and engaging communities for residents and visitors.

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